IPF Referee Light System

The IPF referee light system is the official system used for all European and International championships.

Main benefits of the referee light system:

Jury Overruling: The jury can overrule referee decisions via phone. Referees will receive a notification of the jury's decision, and the verdict will be displayed to them.

Customizable: The referee lights can be customized. Currently, we offer a standard solution, but for an additional fee, special requests can be accommodated. Customizations may include a custom logo, special features, etc. Please note that only systems approved by IPF or EPF and compliant with the IPF Rulebook are accepted.

Maintained: The system is regularly maintained to improve efficiency and introduce new features.

Support: If you encounter any issues with the devices provided by us, we are here to help. Please contact us at refereelights(at)powerlifting.sport.

WiFi Connection Instead of Bluetooth: To ensure reliability during competitions, we use a WiFi connection instead of Bluetooth. The system creates its own WiFi network, which does not require internet access to function. It also does not interfere with existing WiFi signals. Only phones with the necessary credentials can connect to the provided WiFi network.

When purchasing a system, you will receive the following:

1x Mini computer
1x Mini computer power supply (EU standard) (Note: Upon request, an adapter can be ordered additionally)
1x HDMI to mini HDMI cable (1m)
4x Smartphones with protective phone cases, chargers, and the IPF referee light app (3 for referees, 1 for the jury or timer) (Note: 5 phones can be ordered upon request)
1x Bag to store all the above-mentioned items
Price: 990 euros

Please contact us if you are interested. refereelights(at)powerlifting.sport

App Interface:
The app interface consists of 5 clickable buttons:

Chief Referee
Right Referee
Left Referee
The Jury
Administration (Dashboard)

Dashboard Interface

Enable or disable the timer effortlessly.
Set the timer minutes with a standard of 1 minute.
Adjust the timer for longer breaks.
Key Features:

Start and Reset button for easy timer and lights control.
Stop button to immediately halt the timer.
Reset button to reset both the timer and lights.

The dashboard is available by connecting onto the Referee Light System's WiFi, the dashboard is accessible via every kind of device with browser capability.

Collaboration or Extended Features:

If you are interested in collaborating or accessing extended features using our system, please contact us for further discussions (API only).

Q: Can I use my own phone?
A: Yes, as long as it is an Android phone. Follow the instructions provided when purchasing the system. Alternatively, you can contact us for assistance.

Q: If I host 2 or more platforms on the same day, will the systems interfere with each other?
A: No, each system and phone are preconfigured. Every system has its own WiFi network, ensuring they do not interfere with each other.

Q: Can I access the system using my laptop?
A: Yes, you can. The instructions manual provided explains how to access the interfaces via a laptop.

Q: Are there any connection limitations?
A: Yes, to ensure smooth and efficient operation, only 5 devices can be connected simultaneously.


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